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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 31, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> you guys are so awesome. >> the nfl to the rescue after super bowl dreams for two women were dashed in san francisco. someone stole a wallet with their tickets to the game inside. >> kpix5 is live at sfo where the theft happened with the happy ending to the story. betty. >> ken, it's been a long 24 hours for this young woman. but her luck changed tonight after she showed up for super bowl festivities and appeared in the crowd on cbs 2 in new york. >> let's get my gal with the sign. >> a simple sign turned into her ticket to the super bowl. along with the two super bowl tickets inside.
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seahawks fan, nicole hill and her friend sarah passed through sfo. nicole said someone snatched her wallet out of her luggage. >> i had a wonderful new yorker who drove me from the airport to the hotel last night. >> it just so happened that nfl commissioner was watching cbs 2 news in new york tonight. within an hour of appearing on air, nfl officials made a special call. >> would i like to go to the super bowl in yes. >> we flew here. are you serious? oh my god. you guys are so awesome. >> and it was a bittersweet moment for sarah. that was a woman in a white baseball cap. her father used to be a trainer for the seahawks in the early 90s and both of her parents were killed by a drunk driver four years ago. now i spoke to the airport duty
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manager tonight at sfo. he wasn't aware of the theft, but was happy to hear about the wonderful ending. live at sfo, betty, kpix5. >> just two days before the super bowl. fbi is investigating suspicious white powder sent to several hotels near metlife stadium. the joint terrorism task force was brought in to investigate, but says the powder is nonhazardous. some of it was tested and turned out to be corn starch. in light of that powder scare, the nfl is promising sunday super bowl will be one of the most tightly secured sporting events in history. the port authority police chief will be watching from this command center as people board trains to get to metlife stadium. tsa agents are checking every bag and hundreds of police are sweeping platforms. >> close call in the bay when a tanker drops anchor. the tanker lost power and dropped the anchor to keep from drifting. there was concern the anchor
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hit the tube so bart stopped all trains to do an inspection. bart says there were no leaks and no apparent damage. trains rolled again about 20 minutes later. it may send a diver to do a closer inspection. it is confident the anchor never hit. >> you may have seen the signs. they're small and yellow up on the posts along market street in san francisco. passengers in case the subway train ever shuts down, this is where you go to catch the shuttle bus. kpix5 asks muni a permanent sign, what? >> in the past, whenever the subway would shut down, somebody would rush up a temporary sign, showing people where to go. but really, a permanent sign? what does that say about muni's competence? >> seeing a permanent sign, is that institutional incompetence? we know it's going to mess up, so we'll put a permanent sign.
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>> whenever you have an old system with old infrastructure and train control, there will be times when the subway doesn't work. we want to be prepared. >> isn't that serve an admission? >> it's an admission that sometimes failures do happen. we want to make sure we are being as prepared as possible. >> they should invest that money and time and fixing the situation. >> joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the answer might be up to voters. a $500 transformation bond is expected to be on the november ballot. new survey is shedding light on the mind set of oakland's police officers. kpix5's kristen ayers tells us according to the survey, they have little faith in leadership and feel the people have no faith in them. >> i think it's truly devastating. >> the survey is a 248 page
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peek into the minds of oakland police officers. >> the working conditions have to be the most difficult in the state of california. >> a high crime rate, a disproportionately low number of officers and as the internal poll obtained by kpix5 shows, low moral. 65% of officers said they don't feel valued by the department. 55% said they don't feel valued by the citizens of oakland. one officer called the department a laughing stock. >> when you hear moral is low, does it surprise you at all? >> no. >> the city has been on an aggressive campaign. as new cops come in, large numbers are leaving for apartments with lower crime and higher pay. then there's the problem of leadership. >> there's no, no indication where we going. >> the department has had four police chiefs and still does not have a permanent chief. now the hiring process is on
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old. >> i think the oakland police departments have a strong team. >> all while struggling to keep up moral. in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> officers were highly critical. 86% said the city government does not value them. >> because of california's drats, the department of water resources is doing something it's never done before. officials will not be supplying lote water districts with any water because there isn't enough in the system right now. they need to preserve what is left. they serve 1 million-acres in farmland state wait. what they should say is we're in a crisis smear everything needs to pitch in to save water. >> san francisco leaders are calling for their own cutbacks
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in water use. asking 1.6 million customers to voluntarily reduce water usage by 10%. that includes people in san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties who rely on the regional water system. levels are already low and the population is growing. >> others are in the same boat. called for a 25% cut from its customers. santa clara approved a 10% voluntary water reduction and liver more requested a 20% voluntary reduction. the number of flu deaths in the bay area is growing up 1 happen people in california have died from the flu this season. it's only going to get worse. santa clara county has the highest number of flu deaths in the bay area, hitting 10 this week. those who have been able to recover say the symptoms last
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for a few weeks. >> it was a fever. i was two weeks. >> doctors say the flu numbers went be official for a few weeks. that i are urging everyone to get a flu shot as soon as possible. >> the teenager is at san quinton tonight. as kpix5 tells us, new weapons in an unsuspected killing. the notorious max wade conducted would be murder inspiration behind the music video. and there may even be more. >> the police department known incomes for some time. >> wade is one of several people investigated for the murder of joan rosenthal, the p 5-year-old woes dent was shot
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to death in her yard back in 2009. >> there was no mote i have for the crime. there was no salt. to this day, i don't know why i was investigated. >> he was a drentz, too, had a violent past, and for what they found on his computer after it was seized. >> they found that he had displayed an unusual interest in the rosenthal case. he had done a number of searches. >> but no physical evidence linked max wade to joan's murder. her case remains unsolved and still haunts the chief to this day. >> frankly, it's the greatest disappointment for my life. one case i would like to close, that would be it. >> max wade is not connected to the rosenthal case. a statement by investigators unsupported by fact or evidence dignifies no further response.
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also planning an appeal on behalf of max wade. brian webb, kpix5. >> wade is behind bars, 21 years. a former top aide says cristie knew ahead of time about the traffic gat at the george washington bridge. mali has the very latest. >> new jersey governor, chris christie, threatening to take the wheels off his possible run for the white house. the scandal involves the closures leading to the george bridge last september which flooded the town of new jersey with traffic. >> i had no knowledge of this, the planning, the competition, and about it. i first found out about it after the story broke. >> engineered the traffic jam
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as political payback. >> but now the lawyer for the says chris isn't telling the whole truth. the former cristie appointee which oversees the bridge. his attorney says the administration ordered the closures and evidence tieing mr. cristie to be nothing of the lane closures, he had no knowledge. knowledge prior to or during the closures is a prig federal and state investigators have to choses. march lee hall for cbs news. new jersey. >> talk hards. why they need to be camped out. >> it's what a lot of super bowl watchers look forward to.
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how much companies are shelling out for air time and does it pay off? [ chanting ] >> and get a good look. she's a rock star aterer and the champions she got advice from tote. >> wapping up, driest bay area. but january is also done. what's in store for the next seven days? your updated forecast is up next. ,, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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are. they are setting up park are you ready for some baseball? these fans sure are. they are setting up camp tonight waiting to get into tomorrow's giants fan fest. one man drove up from san jose and arrived at 3:00 this afternoon. that's amazing. by the time the gates open, he will have been waiting for 19 hours. just to get in. he says it's worth it. >> my hope is to get inside, get some autographs. meet the players. maybe take a tour. this year will be special. i want to get autographs for my
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dad. >> it's free to get into fan fest. appearances by several players current and past as well as manager, bruce, and his coaches. >> check this out, it's a floating hotel for super bowl guests. budweiser rented out nor rei january cruise lines, you can use the bars, the restaurants, the disco and check out exclusive entertainers. oh boy, it's going to be fun. some people watch the super bowl just as much for the ads as they do for the game. christine romans takes a look at the big money companies spend and whether those high prices pay off. >> it could be the most expensive 30 seconds in sports and maybe in all of business. super bowl ads sold out for weeks. some hitting a record $4.5 million a pop this year for 30
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seconds of tv time. but the number of eyeballs, that's what is priceless to advertisers. more than 10000 million tuned in. compare that to $40 million for the oscars. ant $15 million for last year's world series. >> the super bowl is one of the few television shows where you get a lot of reach. you get people from all different walks of life. >> but are millions of workers worth millions of dollars. recently, only one in five super bowl ads motivates consumers to buy anything. but sales aren't the only goal for advertisers. >> it's also kind of a great, sort of badge to have, you know, we were in the super bowl last year. that's how big our brand is and a lot of advertising is about
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self-congratulations as well. >> ranging from the standard 30 second spot to two minutes. some of the big spenders include ann anheiser bush, jumping back in the game after a brief hiatus in 2013. the big trend this year, teaser ads. >> don't you think it would be great to try something new? and tbifs fans a head's up on what to watch for. much of it driven through social media. >> laughing at my disco reference. a lot of people look forward to the super bowl because of the ads, but you don't have to wait until sunday. you can see most of them right now by going to kpixsports for
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the video. >> the figure skater representing the u.s. got a special sendoff from her high school today. take a look. students at mini high school cheered on with their american flags. t-shirts and singing. edmonds says she is ready to show the world what she can do. >> i just do exactly how i've been training and just put out two good programs and show everyone what i can do. >> also on tv paulina, volleyball champ. as well as olympic chain. there to honor their advice. >> minnesota. >> yeah, my gadness. >> big question tonight. >> yes. >> is it really a super bowl
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party without dorely toes? or apparently butterfinger. >> what about the disco? what's a disco? >> all cruise ships have a disco. >> ken does. can't you see ken bastida in the disco? all right, all right. focus. weather outside right now, oakland, mainly clear skies, i wish you could see what goes on. mainly clear skies, there it was, you missed it. we have clear skies. we're going to have ourselves a clear and chilly night. we could use some rain fall, but mother nature giving us a clear night instead. below freezing, fair field 32. 36 degrees. we had rain fall last night, now things cleared out as high pressure reestablishes itself. there is a lot toward the west.
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nothing has been colding here. another area of hoe pressure 6789 this will go over the top of the ridge and there are some showers for sunday. next week, it's not the best forecast, but i'm hopeful. here's why. close company is going to be enough. that said, it's oink to move new york city more of that rain fall will come down. but first sunny, that's the dryer day. super bowl sunday will be showery around here. highs tomorrow, close to 60 degrees, which is exactly where we should be for this time of year, including san jose's 59. union city 57.
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sunshine and concorde 60 degrees. sunshine tomorrow for san francisco 57. san rafael 60 and cloverdale, 60 degrees. sunday, showers, upper 50s. monday and tuesday the sunshine is back. my hope is, the forecast changes for the first. we ,,
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considering raising the pri for the service well, it may cost you more to get the perks of amazon prime. >> they are considering raising
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the price to $100 or $120 a year. that's because shipping and fuel costs have gone up. right now, amazon prime costs $80 a year. that gets you free two-day shipping. unlimited streaming of instand video and e book rentals. >> final word from new york regarding super bowl 48. are we trying to figure out how they share in salt lake. 48-12. ,,,,
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,,,, at the jazz.... all right, we open up with the warriors. as a team, they played awful and got away with it on the road at the jazz. no david lee, shoulder issues,
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3-8 without 2010. jazz, no mercy. seth currie said climb on. currie tied it up at 77. warriors up 1. but the jazz not backing down. puts them up by 1. stove, look at this floater. season high 44. the warriors came back and won by 5. metlife stadium new jersey. 40 hours away from super bowl xlviii between denver and seattle. i'm sure pete carol likes his family, but some aspects of the broncos he really likes. >> i would like their points. how many points did you score? about 800? i wish i had their altitude when our kickers were kicking. we would kick a little further, we like that. >> say what you want, you have to be proud. redwood high school up in marin, hall of fame.
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>> and usc. >> we are very proud of that. >> fight on. fight on. >> we'll see you at 11:00. ,,,, [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah.
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